May 2, 2019 Apology of The Week

The Spaniards’ conquered Mexico 500 years ago with horses, guns, small pox, and swords. After long hard years of suffering from abuses of colonialism and conquest, The mexican president is demanding Spain to apologize. As this is a very delayed request, it would have been appreciated to acknowledge the past wrongdoings; Spain did not apologize for the indigenous people and colonialism. Looking towards Nashville, Tennessee, the 2019 NFL Draft was in town. While they began to set up, the Nashville Convention Center was considering cutting down apple trees for the stage. The surrounding community had quite an uproar and did not allow it to happen. Shifting towards the NCAA March Madness where 68 division 1 basketball teams match up for 4 elimination rounds. Every year it seems as if the tournament generates more revenue than the last, topping the billion mark last year. Michigan State’s Kenny Goins made the game winning shot which gave his university millions of dollars. One shot that allowed them to move on in the tournament while sending the Duke Blue Devils home and he still owes thousands of dollars to student loans. The NCAA makes billions of dollars off of athletes and the athletes see zero of the profit made. Granted, many athletes have their tuition paid for but it is in no way equivalent to the billions of dollars the NCAA makes. Players should get some type of monetary compensation.

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