April 26, 2019 Apology of The Week

25,000 people in Japan were sterilized for about 50 years. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan decided to compensate those who were still alive which was about 5,400 people. They all got around 3.2 million yen, or about $28,600. As we transition from Japan to Washington state, nurses were accused of lallygagging in the bathroom. After a bill was created to give nurses uninterrupted lunch breaks, Senator Walsh made an outrageous comment about how nurses “spend a significant amount of time playing cards.” She now will shadow a nurse to see how difficult and time consuming the job really is. An angry fan base in Tampa erupted after a post season series loss in the NHL. Tampa had the best record in the league, they even broke the record for most wins in a season. They ended up getting swept in the first round 4-0 and after losing the series, they congratulated the Columbus Blue Jackets. The fans did not take it well. Many more stories and apologies are mentioned later in the podcast.

Breaking down the various apologies from business, entertainment, general human conditions, international, sport and anything else where apologies have been exist in the public domain.

Did they work?

Was it important ?

What the hell is wrong with these people?

All valid questions, we will discuss an analyze

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